“The current Queen of the Kingdom of Irrisen, the witch queen Elvana, takes note of the cruel fate of all of her predecessors: every 100 years, her mother Baba Yaga – the queen of the witches – returns to Irrisen from her otherworldly refuge to sequester the current ruler of the Kingdom and all of her direct lineage, only to put another younger daughter on the throne. With the century shortly coming to an end, queen Elvana plans to take dire actions before a dire fate might befall herself…”

Currently looking for players so we can start this epic campaign, set mostly on the frozen kingdom of Irrisen, from the Pathfinder scenario. The beginning of the adventure is written and planned already, so we’re just waiting for some interested players to show up and start the character-building fest!.

PS.: This will be a “no-freak-shows” kinda campaign. Meaning: no weird or rare races, no elves with hot pink hair and bikini armor, and no absurd or highly unlikely mix of race and class (like gnome barbarian/monk, or similar non-sense). Sorry to be a stickler, I just want this story to be a little more realistic and little less anime ; )

The Return of the Crow King

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